flexible meetings at alternative times to suit you, both morning and evening meetings are available
Limits to the numbers of business style that attend, who would want to be in a room with 20 insovency practitioners !!
Regular presentations from business people telling their story, rather than just pitching their business. Get to find out who the people really are. 
Poulton Business Networking Club
Connecting businesses with  each other and new clients
We are a new business club based in poulton, but we hoped you gathered that....
Rather than having an alternative objective, or shareholders looking at generating a profit the club is run by its members for the benefit of the members. There are 100's of businesses registered in FY6 so why travel so far to look for new suppliers or customers when you can deal with people on your doorstep. There are conditions for membership just like other networking clubs, but if you are looking for a more informal atmosphere to meet like minded people why not come and join us. 
Our Commitment
Poulton Le Fylde or "POLTUN" has been on the map since 1086, and has had strong buisness links as demonstrated by market place and todays Business Park. We feel its about time businesses in this thriving area are brought together and properly represented. 100%  of the membership fee will be spent within the business club. Getting out and meeting with the members will help you build strong relaible relationships, rather than filling the bottom draw of your desk with business cards you never look at.
We believe that PBNC should become a voice for the business community in our area, afterall we are the ones who make it tick!