Having been to many networking events where some were good and some were not, we decided to create one to be great. 
We go into business for various reasons, but it is our aim at PBNC to join local business people together in order for eveyone to benefit. We do not have any hidden agendas or profit aims, we intend to re invest all the money raised back within the organisations and its chosen charaties. 

Our aim is to provide a friendly environment for like minded people to feel comfortable enough so they can share their views, aims and dissapointments with the group in order to move on with their business. 

Rather than the same one minute pitch we want to inspire memebers to share life stories with each other so we can really get to know each other.
To build a support network, and refer other businesses with confidence.
It's far better dealing with someone you know and trust, not just hope that handing out business cards will do all the work for you.